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In their second annual study, GLAAD found that major studios have continued to under represent and misrepresent lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters. The advocacy organization found that, of the 102 releases from 7 major studios, only 17 included characters that identified as lesbian, gay, or bisexual —adding that a majority of these characters were minor roles or cameos, and that many representations were “outright defamatory.” —Gay men are disproportionately represented: 64.7 percent of inclusive films included gay male characters. 23.5 percent included lesbian characters, and 17.7 percent contained bisexual characters. Male LGBT characters outnumbered female characters 64 percent to 36 percent.

 —White characters are disproportionately represented: 76 percent of the characters counted were white, 12 percent were Black/African American, 8 percent were Asian/Pacific Islander, and 1 percent were Latino. —Transgender characters received the least (and most offensive) representation: GLAAD only counted two transgender characters in 2013 studio releases.

One was a transwoman briefly depicted in a jail cell in Grudge Match; the other was a “defamatory depiction” in the Lionsgate comedy Instructions Not Included. SVTV Network was developed to bring unity, diversity and realistic representation of the LGBTQ Community on television. Our mission is to provide high quality and unique programming that authentically reflects the lives of our community and the issues we face being LGBTQ. Our network is dedicated to telling our stories, our lives, our way! A movement has begun, one that aims to assure the LGBTQ community will not be left behind or not included on mainstream television. We are main characters, we have lead roles, we all LGBTQ casts, we reflect us. Be a part of the movement! Our Stories, Our Lives, One Network, SVTV Network!